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He’s Close to the Broken-Hearted

No one likes pain. But it is a necessary part of life. And loss is one of the most excruciating pains. But we can have this confidence which helps us when we experience pain. When our hearts are br…

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Thanks for Listening!

Thanks for Listening!

My virtual friend, Melanie, simply shares my heart, my brokenness, my faith, my struggle and my purpose for blogging. She has much to offer the bereaved and those who care for them, on a foundation of sound doctrine.

Melanie, has been such a blessing to me personally. Everything she writes echoes a chord within my soul. In this post, she touched on the one thing I have been too vulnerable – too afraid to share – that need – that craving, for ongoing support.

I hope you will read Melanie’s post and visit her blog at God is working and ministering to brokenhearted parents worldwide through her struggle.


One year ago today I began sharing my grief journey publicly on this blog.


You can read that first post here.

It was (and still is) scary to expose my thoughts and feelings to a wider audience than just the pages of my personal journal.

I’m never certain that what is helpful for me is necessarily helpful for anyone else.  But in writing it down I find that I am able to sort through things better than when I leave it bouncing around in my own head space.

I decided upfront that I would be as honest as possible about what I felt and how I was coping.  I wasn’t sure if I would post only a few times or a lot, if it would turn into a day-by-day diary or a more sweeping revelation of deeper things.

I think it’s kind of been both at times.


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