Almost Home – Almost Safe

21 Oct
Almost Home – Almost Safe

(originially posted to Facebook 4/5/14)

It’s been a busy week. So many blessings – a good report from the surgeon, no more leg brace, seeing Gracen up and on her feet again relearning to walk, a healing pressure sore, pancakes and hugs from Pineville Fire & Rescue, & friends reaching out. It’s all so bittersweet.

Today we chose to drive by that stretch of highway. We’ve been by it before, but always in the dark and never really sure exactly where the collision took place – trauma tends to be a little disorienting.

I remember thinking the day of the wreck, “We were almost home”, and that was my thought today as well. “Almost home” really means “almost safe”. But there really is no “almost safe”. You are either safe, or you’re not.

So today I offer thanks to Rosemary for the reminder she posted on the blog my sister-in-law, Sandy Boxx Tompkins, set up in response to “A Mother’s Musings”. She said, “Your children are a greater part of your future than they were of your past…” I so needed to hear that.

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