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Look Up!

Look Up!

(Originially posted to Facebook 9/20/14)

“My hope is that instead of searching for ‘God’s will for my life’ each of us would learn to seek hard after ‘the Spirit’s leading in my life today.’ May we learn to pray for an open and willing heart, to surrender to the Spirit’s leading with that friend, child, spouse, circumstance, or decision in our lives right now.” – Francis Chan

There’s a big difference between ‘searching for God’s will in your life’ and ‘striving to walk led by the spirit’. The first implies that we will one day stumble upon this mystery God has previously veiled from our eyes and it will be smooth sailing thereafter. The second seems much more consistent with the entirety of scripture. In visual form it’s the kneeling Psalmist “looking up” every morning for manna from heaven – or the image of a vine awaiting the ministrations of the vine dresser.

Make no mistake, laying down your will for Christ’s superior plan is no easy feat. The surrender of the will is nothing short of a supernatural work of the Holy Spirit in the life of a believer and the peace that passes all understanding seems to follow fast on its heels. That kind of peace, well, it’s definitely a pearl of great price.

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