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Why You Are Deeply Needed

(Facebook Post 9/29/15)

Ann Voskamp has mastered the sentence, in my opinion. One simple sentence that reveals deep truth. Sentences like these and several more in this one blog post alone.

“Parents wear Purple Hearts: the brave who are wounded and die a bit more everyday – and only get braver.”

“You don’t become a parent by bearing a child. You become a parent by bearing witness to his life.”

“We have a God who sees hearts like we see faces, a God who hears ache like we hear voices, and we have a God who touches wounds like we touch skin.”

Follow the link in red below and be blessed!

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John Piper – Letter to a Parent Grieving the Loss of a Child

John Piper got this exactly right and although it was written especially to address a mother grieving the loss of a stillborn child, he addresses issues true for anyone who grieves the loss of a loved one. Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted.

(Facebook Post 9/8/15)

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