Satan Hunts Among the Hurting | Desiring God

21 Feb

“Mountain lions detect vulnerabilities in their prey and attack the weakest — the young, the sick, the injured. Studies have confirmed this instinctive cruelty. It’s how the mountain lion lives, following the scent of suffering and feasting on whatever he finds.The enemy of your hope and happiness hunts with that same instinct, with a cold-hearted and ruthless hunger for the weak or hurting. Satan prowls like a roaring lion, seeking someone to devour (1 Peter 5:8). And because he’s clever . . .”

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Source: Satan Hunts Among the Hurting | Desiring God


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2 responses to “Satan Hunts Among the Hurting | Desiring God

  1. Monica del C Herrera Hdez

    February 22, 2016 at 5:16 am

    Thanks Jane. Was the perfect read i need it, sometimes I feel so broken and see how things happen in my life and i want give up my husband my children they are so far away from God and sometimes I am tired of pray for them. I am scared about their situations and sometimes i just want to pack and leave everyone they don’t listen the wake up call they don’t be grateful for what God gives to them, they and sometimes I watch things don’t please God ( tv programs about gossip, horror movies, video games, etc) and i feel depressed to fail in sin and can’t be an example to them. Thank you sister You really help me pass through this hurting times.


    PS. Pray for my family and me.


    • Janet Boxx

      February 22, 2016 at 11:52 am


      You keep living your Christian faith before them without preaching to them. You are a living and breathing testimony of spirit-filled joy. Your godly behavior testifies like a spoonful of sugar, whereas our words often taste like a bitter pill.

      It is desperately hard to watch those you love either make choices that are not pleasing to their Savior, or reject His gift of salvation altogether. One thing I’ve found is that I feel better if I tell myself not to expect a quick answer to my prayers on my loved one’s behalf. Then I don’t get as discouraged when I don’t see things happening.

      Your children are at an age where they desire autonomy more than anything. At that age they want to make their own decisions and are questioning everything they’ve been taught and asking themselves if they believe it because that’s what they were raised to believe or if they truly believe it for themselves. It’s painful and scary to watch, but in the long run, it’s necessary if you want them to have a strong and vibrant faith. Spiritual maturity, just like physical maturity takes time. We don’t expect newborns to grow from 20 inches to 6 feet overnight. We can’t expect that kind of spiritual growth for ourselves or our children either. So, try to rest in the knowledge that God pursues your husband and children.

      One thing you might pray for, if you aren’t already (I read this in a book so it’s not my wisdom) is that God will bring Christian friends and mentors into their lives. We are often the last people who can reach our family members for Christ, but most people are willing to hear out a friend or mentor. People we admire are very influential in our lives. Pray those people into their lives. You can also pray the people who are negative influences out of their lives (but don’t tell you husband or child you are praying for that).

      You’ve certainly had a full plate of late! I imagine you are spiritually, emotionally and physically weary.

      You know, it’s unrealistic to think that you can present an example of a sinless life before anyone. Only Christ could do that. Your sincere remorse over sin, your efforts to avoid sin, are a good example. Seeking forgiveness from your husband or children for losing your temper or whatever, speaks loudly of humility and living in the freedom of God’s grace communicates that God will not hold either you or them to a standard of perfection. Your children see a life characterized by faithfulness, kindness and joy. Those things testify of God at work in you. Your children see you as a whole, not just Monica the horror movie fan. God’s grace says, “I am pleased with Monica. She is cooperating with me in progressive sanctification.” So, Monica, take a deep breath. The Holy Spirit is at work, and you are a far better example than you believe. Perfection is overrated, and frankly it makes people quit trying as they think they can’t be perfect themselves, so why try. It’s not a horrible thing for your children to see you make bad choices. It teaches them them God loves them through their mistakes.

      Praying for you and your family, my friend.



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