Selecting a Handgun for Self-Defense

30 Jan

Came across this blog just today when I popped in to see who had “liked” my Bucket List blog post. The information Orlando Wilson provides at is increasingly relevant in our day and age. Pop in and take a look because terrorism has gained a foothold in the US in disturbing ways. And if you’re ready to purchase a handgun for personal protection, Orlando offers some sound advice to take under advisement!

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Truth Only Has Few Friends

Tactical Firearms Training for Concealed Carry

Selecting a Handgun for Self-Defense

Before buying a handgun, you should try as many different types as possible and find a model with which you are comfortable. You should choose a handgun that fits comfortably in your hand and points naturally at your target. By this, I mean you want to pick up a handgun (check that it is unloaded) and see if it feels comfortable in your hand, then point the gun at target or object, then check the sights to see where the gun is pointed. If the sights are on the target at which you pointed, then the gun should work for you.

These photos are from the firearms training phase of our last close protection / bodyguard training course in South Florida...

Be careful not to be sold a gun that is not right for you and your needs, do your research. Just because someone works in a gun shop it does not make them an expert. I have had people come through my classes with…

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