My Bucket List (in no particular order)

24 Jan
My Bucket List (in no particular order)


Do you have a bucket list?  I’ve never had one; until today.

Didn’t have any idea what to put on one.  This one, is really just a rough draft.

But, hey, it’s a start.  So here goes!


Go to the batting cages because I really need to smash something and baseballs are bigger than golf balls.  I’m also a very good batter, or, I once was.  It’s like riding a bike right?



Obtain an unregistered handgun and learn to use it with 98% accuracy on a moving target from 30 feet (goals are suppose to be measurable).  Why, because a girl needs to be able to protect herself, her home and her family.  Why unregistered?  Because the government will soon take that right from US citizens in violation of the 2nd amendment of the Constitution.  (David said it might be too difficult to acquire an unregistered handgun to which I replied, “I hear it’s easier than registering for one.”)




Take a certified defensive driving course so that I can safely avoid morons like Troy Robins and drivers under the influence of alcohol and soon to be legal “medical” marijuana.





Learn to make tiramisu – my guilty pleasure.





Eat tiramisu – it looks so pretty and tastes so good!



Zip Line in Las Vegas – at dark!   Las Vegas Zip Line!



Feel free to make suggestions for not to be missed experiences!  I need to expand my horizons these days.



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