The Jehovah Java Mug

22 Oct

(Facebook Post 9/25/15)
My newest coffee cup!

I thought I needed a reminder of who the Lord is and wants to be in my life, so I snatched this mug up when I came across it at the Day Spring Outlet in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, where my daughter is a freshman at John Brown University. Here are the names and definitions on my mug:

Jehovah Nissi – Battle Fighter
Jehovah Jireh – Provider
Jehovah Shalom – Giver of Peace
Jehovah Shammah – Ever Present One
Jehovah Tsidkenn – Our Righteousness
Jehovah Rophe – Healer
Jehovah Rohi – Good Shepherd

I love how The Blue Letter Bible defines each name, providing context and cultural significance as well as scripture references. The names on this mug don’t paint the full picture, but instead provide a concise definition. But the God we serve defies such concise descriptions and we are well served to dig deeper, if we truly want to understand the complex nature and character of God. Follow the link below which provides definitions for every Old Testament name of God.

However, to inspire you to get started and give you some idea of the rich meaning of the names of God, here’s how the Blue Letter Bible defines Jehovah:

“Jehovah is translated as “The Existing One” or “Lord.” The chief meaning of Jehovah is derived from the Hebrew word Havah meaning “to be” or “to exist.” It also suggests “to become” or specifically “to become known” – this denotes a God who reveals Himself unceasingly.”

I love that – a God who reveals Himself unceasingly. It gives me hope, not that I will ever completely understand the ways of God, but that He will reveal Himself to me more and more as I struggle through life.

I read where John Piper asked himself what would be the best gift God could give to His children. Piper concluded that of all the things God could choose to bestow upon His children, that His supreme gift could be nothing less than Himself. When you consider the fullness of meaning of the many names of God, to be gifted with the full assurance and comprehension of exactly who God is to you individually is indeed an extravagant gift beyond compare.

Some days I need God the Giver of Peace more than I need God the Battle Fighter. And other days, I need God the Provider most. But the best part is that every single day God gifts me with His full character and nature. I get all of Him every day. And day by day, over weeks, months and years, He reveals more and more of Himself to me – or rather, I finally recognize what He had been showing me about Himself from day one.

So maybe this mug will remind me to open the eyes of my heart and be on the lookout everyday for God to reveal Himself, in all His glory, to me.

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