Gifts from God’s Hands

22 Oct


Tuesday, I experienced one of these days. Four ladies, four dear friends, from our church in Kansas City appeared on my doorstep. They brought hugs and encouragement and blessed me as I was fully aware every minute that I was with them that their extravagant love for me (they actually spent six-plus hours on the road that day just to visit me) was also a reflection of Christ’s love for me. Not only are the people God places in my life a gift from Him to me for my good, but they are the literal hands and feet of Christ, inspired by Him to good works. These women and so many others have modeled and taught me so much about my Savior, about standing firm in life’s storms, about loving others, all while sharing laughter and tears and praying each other through life’s trials. Tuesday is a day I will always remember and cherish.

There is an old Contemporary Christian song called “Do They See Jesus in Me?” I can pay no higher compliment to these godly women than to tell them that yes, I see Jesus in you all. Thank you for loving on me and being tools in the Master’s hand for Him to love on me too. Vivian Boren, Wendy Campbell, Sharon Crabtree, and Vicki Phillips.

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