Bridges’ Five Faces of Christian Pain

22 Oct
Bridges’ Five Faces of Christian Pain

(Originally published on Facebook 12/11/14)

I came across this link today largely by accident:
It was part of those add on stories that follow something else you link to and read. Anyway, I think it is interesting and has merit and might help someone out there.

I do have to say that I have a concern about the way Bridges presents some examples in the section entitled “You Don’t Have to Become Your Pain”. He says, “Think of it this way. If you hammer a few nails in your life, you don’t automatically become a carpenter. Similarly, if you committed adultery, it doesn’t necessarily mean you are an adulterer.”

I think the point Jerry Bridges is trying to make is that when a Christian repents, meaning they turn away from their sin and remove that behavior from their lifestyle going forward, that sin is no longer an adjective that defines their life and character. God forgives and separates that sin from the sinner.

I point this out because I know there are Christians who will stop reading right there and miss some good stuff that follows. I particularly like this line: “The mark of a mature Christian is to be at peace with the exact form of the blessing that God has in store for you.” Ah, to be that mature . . . accepting your destiny is vastly different from embracing it, finding contentment in it, and making peace with it. I can only hope that the Holy Spirit will complete that work in my life – because it would be His work in my heart, not something I learned and worked to achieve on my own – that’s for sure!

Anyway, I hope this speaks to some hurting soul out there and blesses you on the midst of whatever pain you are currently struggling to deal with!

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